Antony Edwards

Antony Edwards

Antony Edwards is the chief operating officer at Eggplant, a customer experience optimization specialist. He is a proven product and technology leader with extensive experience in enterprise software and mobile computing.

3 Red Flags That Your App is Failing You

Every day seems to bring another headline about a website being down or an app being unavailable. From Instagram to J.Crew to Walmart, it’s clear brands are failing their customers. Rather than waiting for an outage — and the accompanying social media backlash from infuriated customers and potential loss of revenue — retailers must understand the warning…

How Retailers Can Optimize Their Sites for Peak Holiday Sales

It’s crunch time for retailers with the holiday shopping season just a few weeks away. With the continued demise of brick-and-mortar stores, retailers are grappling to create a digital experience that delights across every channel.'s Prime Day fail this summer showed the importance of ensuring your site is geared to deal with surges in…