Anshuman Agarwal

Anshuman Agarwal

Anshuman Agarwal is a seasoned leader in the e-commerce & retail technology industry. With over 17 years of vast experience in being a thought leader, advisor, and mentor, Anshuman brings in unique perspectives across multiple segments including merchandise planning, distribution, warehousing, decision analysis, risk analysis, and strategy development.

Anshuman is an engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious institutes in India that offers engineering and technological education. He also completed his post-graduation from the Indian Institute of Management, India’s premier college for management studies. 

In the initial years of his career, Anshuman worked with some of the marquee companies like  Boston Consulting Group (BCG), ITC, Myntra, Inductis, and many more.

He is recognized as the go-to source for operations, consulting and business strategies at INCREFF.

The Value of Location Intelligence in Regional Demand Fulfillment

Location intelligence (LI) combines location-based data with business intelligence (BI) to uncover new business opportunities that were previously hidden. Identifying new patterns and establishing critical relationships between trends and demographics create a gold mine of opportunities for chief merchants, supply chain leaders, and strategists who are waiting to explore new avenues. As the demand for…