Anil Kaul

Anil Kaul
How to Use Predictive Selling

Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled sales technologies have made predictive selling a reality by combining data and analytics to drive sales success. AI can help salespeople prioritize leads and make relevant product or service recommendations using data science to provide guidance. This frees sales teams to focus on the art of sales and build relationships that lead…

Retailers Challenged by Coming Data Scientist Skill Gap

Big data-driven technology will continue to transform business processes in 2016 and beyond. For web-only and e-commerce marketing and management teams, the growing challenge is how to properly leverage all of the available data. The sheer volume of information can be overwhelming and creates a bit of a quandary where the data can improve efficiency…

Amazon Dash: A Quick Leap to Unique Insights, Highly Valuable Consumer Data

Amazon Dash represents a shift in data as much as it represents a shift in consumerism. Historically, the POS was far away (in both time and place) from the original point of need. This time-and-space gap was often filled with the potential for consumers to be contacted, interested in and motivated by competing sales messages from a number of marketing avenues. Dash, however, represents a unification of the moment of need and the moment of purchase — and that's very powerful.