Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is Vice President of Marketing for PowerReviews, and an experienced e-commerce technology marketer. When he’s not thinking about his day job, he’s running around after two small children in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

Report: Ratings and Reviews Can Markedly Reduce Returns

Product returns are a necessary evil for retailers; shoppers won’t buy without them, but shipping and return-to-stock costs have a major impact on revenue. Experts estimate the average return costs a retailer between 15 percent to 30 percent of the original purchase price, and cumulatively, returns cost retailers $550 billion every year. In our new…

Report: Ratings and Reviews Are the Top Factor in Online Purchase Decisions

The idea of ratings and reviews as absolute core to online shopping decisions isn’t new. Consumer reviews on e-commerce product pages have existed in some format since pretty much the advent of the internet. But at PowerReviews, we wanted to understand how important they are in the post-COVID world we're now transitioning to and how…