Ana Tagvoryan

Ana Tagvoryan

Ana Tagvoryan is a high-stakes corporate litigator with almost two decades of experience advising, counseling, and defending business clients in consumer-facing litigation and enforcement actions in state and federal courts across the nation. Her complex corporate litigation and compliance-related practice focuses on current issues presented for clients with consumer-facing businesses in retail, media, hospitality, technology, banking, and food & beverage. Ana’s nationwide practice routinely involves solving issues and defending claims related to consumer fraud, advertising, labeling, data privacy, cybersecurity, online and mobile marketing, pricing, and related intra- and inter-state commerce and e-commerce issues.

Ana is also the chair of the Privacy Class Action Defense group, which handles privacy-related cases involving wiretapping, data breaches, biometrics, telemarketing, call recording, data handling and sharing, and other consumer privacy matters. In addition, Ana’s team routinely litigates the ever-changing wave of claims dealing with auto-renewing subscription offers, e-commerce business practices, and federal & state consumer protection laws.

Ana serves as a trusted adviser and business partner to many clients who operate consumer-facing businesses. With regard to both mitigation of risk and litigation of claims, Ana’s clients regard her as strategic and creative; they trust her commonsense approach to problem-solving and appreciate her professional dedication.


Ana has a reputable track record for successfully defeating threatened and actual claims at every stage of litigation. She has succeeded in bringing early dispositive issues before the courts and saving costs associated with discovery, and is skilled in early and efficient dispute resolution, including mediation and class action settlements. Ana and her team have secured orders of affirmation or reversal from Courts of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court on key issues and defenses on behalf of various companies, making precedent and good law in jurisdictions across the nation.

Ana has extensive experience with state and federal consumer protection statutes, such as: California and related states’ Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Act, Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Invasion of Privacy Act, Consumer Privacy Rights Act, and Automatic Renewal Law; and federal statutes including the Federal Wiretap Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”), the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Stored Communications Act, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, Video Privacy and Protection Act, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and U.S. federal and state CAN-SPAM laws. In addition, Ana routinely handles claims under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, Michigan Privacy Protection Act, Florida Telephone Sales Act, Florida Security of Communications Act, Pennsylvania Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act, and Federal Trade Commission and state agency investigations and claims.


Ana’s team routinely advises clients with respect to e-commerce data handling and disclosure practices, data privacy and data breach, and compliance with federal and state consumer laws across various industries, including retail, media, and e-commerce. Her compliance practice includes insight into vendor and software provider licenses and agreements, product labeling, online marketing and advertising, and related issues.

Teaching and Professional Engagements

Ana has served on various legal and professional organizations and lectured extensively on current events facing in-house counsel and business executives. She also regularly writes in leading industry publications concerning consumer protection and litigation trends, compliance insights, and future legislation. (See Publications.) Ana is currently active with the Atlantic Legal Foundation and sits on its advisory board.

Outside the Firm

Ana is an ardent indoor cyclist and coffee enthusiast, always looking for the newest and best trends in the things that help her give her best to her three kids, husband, and clients.

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