Amit Shachak

Amit Shachak

Amit Shachak is an experienced technology and product leader with vast experience and passion for building organizations and great products. He currently serves as head of video for Cloudinary. An experienced leader, Amit has vast development, management and product experience in different technologies and platforms, leading complex projects from idea to production, in start-up companies and in global organizations.

Building Brand Trust and Authenticity With User-Generated Content

One of the greatest retail superpowers is the ability to influence a shopper’s purchasing decisions. By delivering perfectly timed and personalized marketing offers or a perceived value that’s consistent in the eyes of a consumer, retailers can wield that power over time, strengthening the kind of long-term loyalty that keeps shoppers coming back for more.…

Appealing to Shop-From-Home Consumers Through Video

Uncertainty in the retail industry is at an all-time high. One month, we’re watching sales plummet to never-before-seen lows, and almost as quickly, numbers rebound for the biggest monthly sales surge on record. What’s clear even with an ambiguous road ahead is that brands and retailers will need to more thoughtfully consider how to improve…