Alasdair Lennox

Alasdair Lennox

Alasdair Lennox is the Executive Creative Director for brand and retail consultancy FITCH. He is a FITCH mainstay, having been there for 20-plus years, starting his career as a junior environmental designer and working his way up. He even trained under its founder, Rodney Fitch (how many ECDs can say that?). Alasdair is a design junkie, who truly understands with every brand project he works on, that they key is to sell more products and win more fans…. A feat which boils down to design. As in, it’s all about design, from product to storefront to consumer experiences.

Outside of work, Alasdair is heavily involved in charities supporting men with mental illnesses (something he sees as a close tie in with the creative world), and is an avid collector of vintage dive watches (again, he loves functional, aesthetic-pleasing design). Originally from Great Britain and now living in Brooklyn, Alasdair went to school in both the UK and Catalonia. Under his guidance, FITCH has scored major wins at Cannes Lions and the World Retail Awards. He has extensive experience in both strategic and creative assignments for a wide variety of clients, including adidas, Miele, McLaren, Nespresso and Enterprise.

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