Ajay Khanna

Ajay Khanna

Ajay Khanna, CEO and founder of Tellius, a company disrupting business analytics with Search and AI, is a tech entrepreneur who has a passion for building disruptive enterprise products with an awesome user experience.

Prior to starting Tellius, Ajay was CTO & Founding member of Celcite, a fast growing telecom analytics and solutions company, that was acquired by Amdocs.

Ajay has over 25 years of extensive experience working in various technical, business. and consulting roles. He holds degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

How Decision Intelligence Reduces Cart Abandonment and Increases Revenue

Nearly 70 percent of online shopping carts today are abandoned, leaving a great deal of sales revenue on the table for retailers and e-commerce providers. To reduce cart abandonment, brands are relying on data that will inform them of shopper preferences and shape their marketing, sales and customer service experiences. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of commerce…

How D-to-C and E-Commerce Brands Can Leverage Augmented Analytics to Streamline Operations

E-commerce sales have accelerated dramatically throughout the pandemic. Gartner found that nearly half of consumers increased their online shopping last year. More transactions mean more generated data; data that e-commerce providers can use to improve customer engagement and overall business performance. With augmented analytics, e-commerce players can accelerate the process of turning data into actionable insights…