Aaron McLean

Aaron McLean

Aaron McLean is the COO of Stuzo, a leading digital product innovation company, offering connected commerce technology solutions and product strategy, design and engineering services that drive business outcomes for the retail industry.

The Case for Frictionless Commerce as the Future for Most Retailers

A recent article on Total Retail by Mark Ryski titled Why Amazon Go is a ‘No-Go’ for Most Retailers caught my attention. Ryski’s article postulated that grab-and-go technologies would be too expensive and complex to implement for most retailers, and used Whole Foods’ footprint (average of 39,000 square feet) as an example. The issue I…

Controlling Comparison Shopping by Embracing the Behavior

Since the introduction of e-commerce and especially following its inflection point, “comparison shopping,” a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, fundamentally changed the nature of retail forever. Why do consumers comparison shop? Sixty percent say to find the lowest price, according to PwC's Total Retail Survey 2016. Modern comparison shopping has created a new dilemma for retailers…