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  • The Secret to Increasing Sales Conversions Without Sacrificing Margin

    Today's consumers have become conditioned to getting a deal, and without one, they're much less likely to make a purchase. Whether it be free shipping, percentage off an item, or some other incentive to purchase, retailers have found themselves in a position where they must sacrifice margin in exchange for conversions. But does it have to be that way? Are there tactics that online retailers can implement that enable them to have their cake and eat it too — i.e., maintain conversion rate (in fact, increase it!) without having to discount products? There are, and this will webinar will address them.

  • Uncorking IWA's Success Through Unified Data

    IWA switched to a single cloud-based platform to help it better manage and, ultimately,  take action on its data. With a unified view of its data, IWA has been able to segment and target customers with personalized marketing campaigns, leading to increased revenues. Furthermore, a single source of data has helped IWA increase efficiency throughout its organization, including customer service and fulfillment/shipping, leading to cost savings, as well as greater leverage of existing resources thanks to NetSuite’s scalable platform. Now those are results worth toasting!

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