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Retail Stores

Back-to-School Shoppers: A Digital Behavior Report

This report will give you a head-start on trends, behaviors and buying power of the back-to-school crowd. Use this insight to quickly improve your site’s conversion rate and effectiveness by understanding your shoppers’ motives, make buyers out of visitors, and pave the way for back-to-school consumers to finish their shopping seamlessly on your site.

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Personalization Made Easy

Data and personalization is at the heart of any digital or print campaign. Customers demand relevance and your competitors are trying to give it to them, but the reality is they are not yet effective at it. Compu-Mail shows how understanding your customers and delivering relevant content and offers can be your strongest point of differentiation.

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Database Marketing

Achieving Personalization Through Variable Data Messaging

The primary focus at every retail marketing trade show today is on getting more intimate with customers to provide a great shopping experience and develop loyal relationships. Compu-Mail shows how variable data messaging can be leveraged in direct mail for more personalized communications, better response, and increased customer lifetime value.

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Customer Retention

Build the Foundation for Great Customer Experiences

Unlikely or unforeseen competitors continue to disrupt industries at an exponential pace. The innovation disruptors bring requires a key strategy: Put the customer at the center of your business and deliver great experiences to them. Understand how consistent, timely, relevant and personalized experiences are enabled by having the right technology foundation in place.

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Product Sourcing

10 More Things Your Buyer Hates About You

In today’s constantly changing world of retail, it’s safe to say that vendors live or die by their buyer. Because of this, it's critical that you're able to anticipate and exceed your buyers’ expectations. We interviewed a variety of buyers from some of North America’s largest retailers, and asked them to share their views on what makes a great vendor. However, the fun part was actually having buyers describe their pet peeves and some of their worst experiences with vendors.

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