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Inside the Minds of E-Commerce Execs: US Edition

U.S. e-commerce retailers are a confident, enthusiastic group. The most driven of the five countries we surveyed, they’re excited about the potential of new strategies and technologies like dynamic pricing, one-click payment options, and equipping in-store sales associates with tablets for real-time product information. One area where U.S. retailers could be missing an opportunity: 51 percent lack a dedicated mobile strategy, despite 95 percent claiming that mobile commerce is either critical or important to the future of their brand. U.S. retailers should continue to reach past the boundaries of innovation, but remember to keep the consumer experience top of mind.

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The Holiday Shopping Season Starts Sooner Than You Think … And the Clock is Ticking

It’s 2017 holiday shopping forecast time, and as frightening as that sounds before all the pumpkins have been carved, it's a fact that consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier than ever before. And with e-commerce sales rising 17.8 percent during the 2016 holiday season and 2017 projections showing a 15.8 percent increase, finalizing a solid strategy a bit earlier this year is a wise move. Consumers can now find the best deals as soon as they become available and holiday shoppers no longer have to travel from store to store — they simply swipe from site to site on their smartphones. Savvy retailers that prepare sooner, understand the consumer mind-set and know the deal breakers will be the ones that unwrap the greatest gift of Q4 — sales growth. Read on to learn how you too can profit, according to a recent study by Pepperjam.

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Retail Stores

2017 In-Store Holiday Shopping Report

Holiday sales are projected to go up by 4 percent this year, and 87 percent of people intend to shop in stores. As the entire industry is getting ready to seize this opportunity to grow profits, Natural Insight surveyed 823 consumers randomly selected across the United States and compiled their answers in an exclusive report to give brick-and-mortar retailers a better understanding of the in-store trends and expectations.

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Customer Data

Consumer Behavior and Expectations: The 2017 Holiday Season

Trustpilot, a leading online consumer review destination with 35 million reviews of nearly 190,000 businesses, recently released its Consumer Behavior and Expectations: The 2017 Holiday Season report, with in-depth analysis on consumer behavior, sentiment and customer review patterns. While thousands of consumers indicated pricing was one of the most important considerations for the 2017 shopping season, language analysis of more than 1 million consumer reviews suggested otherwise. Consumer sentiment favored brands offering superior customer service and timely fulfillment over other popular holiday initiatives, such as discount pricing and flexible return policies. The report helps retailers capitalize on key expectations and behaviors by identifying specific consumer trends, biases and preferences.

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OMNI-1000 Research: Are Global Retailers TRULY Offering Omnichannel Services?

The Omni-1000 provides a look at the actual omnichannel practices of the world’s leading retailers. Using a "random walk" methodology, OrderDynamics investigated retail websites to determine the e-commerce capabilities, policies and offerings of more than 1,000 retailers from the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K. and the Nordics (Sweden, Finland and Norway). The research proves that omnichannel commerce is far from being the standard model, even among leading retailers.

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Customer Retention

Loyalty is Not a Program

In their scramble to reach customers, many business leaders start acquiring mass amounts of data. Others create incredibly complex analytics. Some think the answers come from the top. What's often lost in this quest to innovate is the very thing we claim to value: the customer. Customer centricity might sound like just another buzzword, but it creates the framework required for customers to fall in love with your brand. The strategy? A dynamic and powerful partnership across IT, analytics and busines — between the Geeks, the Nerds and the Suits. This book exposes the most common hurdles companies face in becoming customer-centric, and shares insight on how Geeks, Nerds and Suits can play their part in overcoming them. It not only demonstrates how to create effective collaboration between your teams to solve problems, it shows you how to create a business atmosphere that runs itself and clears the path for innovation.

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Mobile Commerce

Mobile and Desktop Search Gap is Widening

Findings from a new report released by BrightEdge show that 57 percent of website traffic is mobile and has overtaken traditional desktop traffic. The research also determined that content is being presented to mobile and desktop users in completely different ways depending on the type of device being used. The report offers several strategies for delivering the best possible customer experience across mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Digital Innovation

Digital Signage in Retail

When retailers have problems with store ad management, communication and displays, digital signage is the answer. Digital signage is a rapidly growing tool used among retailers large and small. This e-book will allow retailers to discover how digital signage draws in customers, represents your brand, and displays memorable ads that drive sales.

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Ego Free Leadership: Ending the Unconscious Habits That Hijack Your Business

One of the greatest challenges retail executives face is striking a balance between the tasks required to maximize productivity and the people skills necessary to create a culture where customer service and excellence are the norm. Far too many retail executives become so mired in the short-term “bottom line” that they neglect to nurture the leadership skills that lead to long-term results. One of the greatest dangers these executives face is falling victim to their own egos — egos which can prevent them from making sound business decisions, unconsciously set a poor example, and create a culture where poor customer service and underperformance are an acceptable way to work.

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The 2017 U.S. Holiday Shopping Forecast

Do you know what your sales will look like in Q4 2017? You could look at last year’s numbers and make predictions based on that, or you could directly ask shoppers your biggest questions. It’s not easy to parse that data. Fortunately, we did the work for you.

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