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In-Store Technology

Commerce Disrupted: The New Retail Reality

Let’s go on a journey exploring disruptive ideas that are moving commerce in new directions, sometimes driven by advances in technology, sometimes driven by customer demands. From the transformation of traditional sales channels to the rise of new technologies and on-demand, custom everything, we'll look at innovations retailers must embrace to get ahead of the curve.

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New Data on How Brands and Retailers Are Tackling Distributed Commerce

Salsify surveyed e-commerce executives at 250 brands and retailers and found that distributed commerce blurs the lines between in-store and online shopping, and a consistent and comprehensive experience, regardless of channel, is key to winning the sale. In the end, product content proves the tipping point for consumers. Keeping up with that demand for content and serving it to consumers in compelling and consistent ways across all of the relevant channels is a daunting task. How are brands and retailers meeting this demand for consistent content?

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Social Commerce

Holiday Shopping Report

Fizziology analyzed Twitter conversations from more than 1.6 million unique users who were talking about various department stores during the holiday shopping season. Measuring conversations occurring around five major department stores allowed Fizziology to determine key audience groups, shifts in audience from 2015 to 2016, and insights into gift card and exchange-focused conversation.

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Customer Retention

A Retailer’s Guide to Omnichannel Customer Care

When you consider that 91 percent of consumers expect to be able to pick up where they left off when they contact customer service, providing world-class omnichannel customer care is critical to your success. Download this whitepaper to take a deep dive into the four key areas of omnichannel customer care and learn how to improve loyalty, drive sales and boost profits.

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Build or Buy: The Hidden Challenges of an In-House Fraud Team

In a world where retailers are losing $77 million in revenue per day to e-commerce fraud globally, you better have the right fraud prevention strategy in place if you expect to survive. Download this whitepaper to learn whether it makes more sense to use a third-party fraud management solution or build your own fraud team in-house.

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Driving Shopper Engagement Through Digital Technology

Digital shopping has gone from a trend to a way of life. This, our sixth annual Digital Study, shows a dramatic rise in digital shopping, with almost 70% of the U.S. taking part in this now mainstream activity. In the past year, we have seen increases in the use of digital and social tools in almost every category.

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Customer Acquisition

The Path to Customer Retention

Many businesses often focusing their efforts on customer acquisition, the path to customer retention can often be rocky, and with a recent survey by Gartner found that 80% of future profits will come from 20% of existing customers, it's proof that business success lies with keeping your current audience sweet too - but how can this be achieved?

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Free Chapter: Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Meet the Millennial Generation, the most high-maintenance workforce in the history of the world . . . and likely to be the most high performing. If anyone knows Millennials, it's Bruce Tulgan, an internationally recognized expert on your people in the workplace, as well as a leading expert on leadership and management.

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Customer Data

25 Must Haves to Supercharge Your Customer Experience

As the complexity of technology and the sophistication of consumers grow exponentially, having the ability to identify and understand customers in order to personalize their engagements with your brand is critical. This guide is meant to serve as a roadmap to help your organization develop enhanced customer engagements and experiences.

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