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Marketing, E-Commerce

Consumer Behavior and Expectations: The 2017 Holiday Season

Trustpilot, a leading online consumer review destination with 35 million reviews of nearly 190,000 businesses, recently released its Consumer Behavior and Expectations: The 2017 Holiday Season report, with in-depth analysis on consumer behavior, sentiment and customer review patterns. While thousands of consumers indicated pricing was one of the most important considerations for the 2017 shopping season, language analysis of more than 1 million consumer reviews suggested otherwise. Consumer sentiment favored brands offering superior customer service and timely fulfillment over other popular holiday initiatives, such as discount pricing and flexible return policies. The report helps retailers capitalize on key expectations and behaviors by identifying specific consumer trends, biases and preferences.

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Mobile, E-Commerce

State of Mobile Commerce Search 2016

The Unbxd State of Mobile Commerce Search report analyzed site search behavior of mobile shoppers across 500 million sessions to understand what factors are holding mobile back, and leading to 63 percent lower conversions compared to desktop.

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Marketing, Omnichannel, E-Commerce

Let’s Get Growing: Expand Your Reach and Deepen Customer Engagement

We've gone from walking the streets of busy bazaars, shopping at general stores, congregating at malls, thumbing through mail-order catalogs to making purchases online and even using our mobile phones. There have never been more ways to sell to customers. However, with so many options it's also more challenging than ever to determine the right strategies for expanding reach and deepening customer engagement.

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E-Commerce, Customer Service

Holiday Shopping Report

Fizziology analyzed Twitter conversations from more than 1.6 million unique users who were talking about various department stores during the holiday shopping season. Measuring conversations occurring around five major department stores allowed Fizziology to determine key audience groups, shifts in audience from 2015 to 2016, and insights into gift card and exchange-focused conversation.

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