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Technology, Brick-and-Mortar, E-Commerce

Tulip Store Associate Survey: Mobile-Assisted Workers Increase Sales and Improve Overall Customer Experience

Tulip recently surveyed over 200 store associates to understand their experiences in brick-and-mortar stores. This report illustrates the detailed survey results and helps readers understand how sales associates are using mobile devices in-store. In addition, the report addresses store associates’ experiences using technology to interact with customers in today’s digital climate.

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Technology, E-Commerce

How Augmented Reality Will Change Online Shopping

More and more consumers are turning to shopping online, forgoing their trip to brick-and-mortar stores. The challenge for retailers is creating a cohesive omnichannel experience that engages not only online but also in-store shoppers. The solution lies in technology like augmented reality (AR), which allows retailers to offer a more personal, interactive experience that changes how we shop. This infographic by Augment offers a good look at how AR is positioned to be the next big tech advancement in retail.

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Marketing, E-Commerce

New Kibo Research: The 2017 Consumer Trends Report

As a follow up to Kibo’s Consumer Trends Report from last year, the 2017 edition sheds more light on the customer and helps demystify the kind of technology needed to provide shoppers with the experiences they want. Many organizations have omnichannel plans or implementations in progress, and this year’s report explores the pulse of consumer trends to help business decision makers determine and understand how to best move forward with omnichannel initiatives as they head into 2017.

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Technology, Mobile, Brick-and-Mortar

Commerce Disrupted: The New Retail Reality

Let’s go on a journey exploring disruptive ideas that are moving commerce in new directions, sometimes driven by advances in technology, sometimes driven by customer demands. From the transformation of traditional sales channels to the rise of new technologies and on-demand, custom everything, we'll look at innovations retailers must embrace to get ahead of the curve.

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Marketing, Customer Service, Omnichannel

A Retailer’s Guide to Omnichannel Customer Care

When you consider that 91 percent of consumers expect to be able to pick up where they left off when they contact customer service, providing world-class omnichannel customer care is critical to your success. Download this whitepaper to take a deep dive into the four key areas of omnichannel customer care and learn how to improve loyalty, drive sales and boost profits.

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