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Marketing, E-Commerce

How an Integrated CMS Can Help Your Business Generate Time and Cost Savings

In many industries, time is money. This has never been more true than in retail, where the quicker a marketing campaign, product, customer service response, etc., gets into the market, the better it is for the company — i.e., the more revenue it can generate, the more cost savings it can produce. However, operating with efficiency is challenging. It requires the right teams, systems and processes to be in place to make this goal a reality. For retail marketers, who are tasked with producing relevant, timely campaigns that convert, an integrated content management system (ICMS) is a powerful tool to help them create, manage and distribute digital content.

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Technology, Operations & Fulfillment, Marketing

The Amazon Effect: How Retailers Are Adapting Their Businesses to Better Compete With the Industry Leader

At the center of today's digital shopping transformation is The online retailer continues to exert its influence on the retail industry. From its online marketplace to newly opened brick-and-mortar stores to web and fulfillment services, Amazon is a force to be reckoned with. Amazon is disrupting the retail industry, both online and offline, and its influence only continues to grow. The question is, how do retailers not only compete with Amazon, but also beat it?

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Structured Data + Integrated CMS = Optimized Marketing

With an integrated content management system using structured data, retailers can more easily manage their marketing message, including updating product descriptions, product images, product pricing, web content (e.g., online catalogs, blog posts, videos) and advertisements (promotions, discounts, offers). This capability promotes brand consistency, eliminates unforced errors and gives retailers the flexibility to quickly make changes based upon factors such as product demand, inventory levels, weather, marketing promotions, among others.

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Omnichannel, E-Commerce

The New Retail Ecosystem: From Disrupted to Disruptor

Disruptors are reshaping consumer behavior. In response, retailers are stepping up their game. In our analysis, we examine six closely intertwined strategies retailers are using to stave off disruption and better attract and retain today’s mercurial shoppers. The underlying theme of these strategies: to create an immersive, seamless, brand-defining experience for consumers across all channels, one that will keep them coming back.

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