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Mobile, Marketing

Small Screen, Big Content: Make Mobile Count!

More and more, shoppers are choosing to discover and purchase products on their smartphones and tablets. But while mobile users are keenly different, their expectations for online shopping are just as high. This ebook outlines the mobile shopper journey, options for mobile web design, and six tips for mobile content that converts.

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Technology, Marketing

State of Location Intelligence 2018

We surveyed over 200 business executives, data analysts and business analysts, collected their responses, analyzed the data, and are sharing with you our findings. We hope this report helps build a business case for implementing or investing in location intelligence (LI) within your organization, whether you’re new to LI, planning to adopt new practices or software, or already have infrastructure in place that you're looking to optimize. Overwhelmingly, our data shows that businesses executives and data practitioners see LI as critical to their organization’s success, and even more critical over the next three years. To stay relevant in a rapidly changing market, they will have to overcome many challenges that are keeping their businesses from fully realizing the potential and practical applications of LI.

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Brick-and-Mortar, Marketing

Back-to-School Shoppers: A Digital Behavior Report

This report will give you a head-start on trends, behaviors and buying power of the back-to-school crowd. Use this insight to quickly improve your site’s conversion rate and effectiveness by understanding your shoppers’ motives, make buyers out of visitors, and pave the way for back-to-school consumers to finish their shopping seamlessly on your site.

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Retail Spotlight: Fashion-Forward CRM Automation

The online retail industry is in transition. New brands, some of them operating exclusively online, are gaining ground on traditional brands. Rapid growth is a signal to start transferring budgets from acquisition marketing to retention marketing. It’s time for fashion retailers to up the ante on their CRM and customer retention efforts.

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