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White Papers

Capitalizing on Retail Disruptions

Digital disruption is changing retail and there’s no going back. To build engagement and understand customers, you have to know who they are, what they want, and what is important to them. Location data is critical to better understand customers and add real value to their retail experience. Learn how location intelligence can deliver the insights needed to create a seamless experience across all retail channels.

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Special Reports

Digital Signage in Retail

When retailers have problems with store ad management, communication and displays, digital signage is the answer. Digital signage is a rapidly growing tool used among retailers large and small. This e-book will allow retailers to discover how digital signage draws in customers, represents your brand, and displays memorable ads that drive sales.

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Industry Sector Reports

The Amazon Effect: How Retailers Are Adapting Their Businesses to Better Compete With the Industry Leader

At the center of today's digital shopping transformation is The online retailer continues to exert its influence on the retail industry. From its online marketplace to newly opened brick-and-mortar stores to web and fulfillment services, Amazon is a force to be reckoned with. Amazon is disrupting the retail industry, both online and offline, and its influence only continues to grow. The question is, how do retailers not only compete with Amazon, but also beat it?

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