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White Papers

Digital Malware: Impact on the E-Commerce Market

This new benchmark report measures the impact digital malware has on e-commerce retailers. The data in the report is drawn from Namogoo’s monitoring of 500 million website sessions across a range of industries over a six-month period (January 2017 –June 2017). The report outlines the current infection rate of consumer machines, the rate of infected online sessions, causes for fluctuation, and guidance on how online businesses can protect the customer journey and win back lost revenue.

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Industry Sector Reports

PCI FAQs and Myths

Every business that accepts debit and credit cards must obey these PCI standards, no matter what processing methods they use. BluePay has created an easy-to-read guide answering some frequently asked questions as well as discrediting a few myths concerning PCI compliance.

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Special Reports

SonicWall Annual Threat Report Highlights Advances Made by Both Security Professionals and Cyber Criminals

According to the 2017 SonicWall Annual Threat Report, 2016 could be considered a highly successful year from the perspective of both security professionals and cyber criminals. Unlike in years past, SonicWall saw the volume of unique malware samples collected fall to 60 million compared with 64 million in 2015, a 6.25 percent decrease. Total malware attack attempts dropped for the first time in years to 7.87 billion from 8.19 billion in 2015. However, cyber criminals garnered quick payoffs from ransomware: attacks grew by 167 times year-over-year. Read the full report to learn more about the 2016 threat landscape, predictions for 2017 and best practices for an effective security program.

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