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Marketing, Customer Retention, Management

Loyalty is Not a Program

In their scramble to reach customers, many business leaders start acquiring mass amounts of data. Others create incredibly complex analytics. Some think the answers come from the top. What's often lost in this quest to innovate is the very thing we claim to value: the customer. Customer centricity might sound like just another buzzword, but it creates the framework required for customers to fall in love with your brand. The strategy? A dynamic and powerful partnership across IT, analytics and busines — between the Geeks, the Nerds and the Suits. This book exposes the most common hurdles companies face in becoming customer-centric, and shares insight on how Geeks, Nerds and Suits can play their part in overcoming them. It not only demonstrates how to create effective collaboration between your teams to solve problems, it shows you how to create a business atmosphere that runs itself and clears the path for innovation.

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Marketing, Customer Service, Omnichannel

A Retailer’s Guide to Omnichannel Customer Care

When you consider that 91 percent of consumers expect to be able to pick up where they left off when they contact customer service, providing world-class omnichannel customer care is critical to your success. Download this whitepaper to take a deep dive into the four key areas of omnichannel customer care and learn how to improve loyalty, drive sales and boost profits.

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