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Marketing, Merchandising

Promotional Analytics in Today's Retail World

When insights-driven retailers design offers or promotions, analytics play a big role in their strategy. 1010data has developed a useful guide on promotional analytics with detailed examples that show how to use your own promotional data to drive more trips, larger baskets, and increased store margin.

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Marketing, Technology, Customer Retention

Personalization Made Easy

Data and personalization is at the heart of any digital or print campaign. Customers demand relevance and your competitors are trying to give it to them, but the reality is they are not yet effective at it. Compu-Mail shows how understanding your customers and delivering relevant content and offers can be your strongest point of differentiation.

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Marketing, Brick-and-Mortar, E-Commerce

Retail Industry Insights

Interested to know how the retail industry fares in terms of customer satisfaction? Learn the ROI of customer satisfaction on retail KPIs such as churn, retention, and acquisition, and see the impact and importance of customer satisfaction in your retail business as only HappyOrNot’s data can show.

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