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In today's customer-centric world, retailers must put consumer needs at the heart of supply chain and fulfillment operations. Retailers need inventory management optimized for cross-chain product availability and fulfillment and returns providing a frictionless customer experience. Download this Gartner report to learn how inventory, fulfillment and returns drive excellence.

Shoppimon's Q4 2017 Online Health & Usability Index — OSHU Index — provides the e-commerce industry once again with benchmark rankings based on how easy it is to shop and make purchases from online stores. Shoppimon’s data suggests that leading up to the holiday shopping season, online retailers invested heavily in preparation for their sites most lucrative time of the year through updates and upgrades to improve performance. The investment seems to have paid off, as between September and October 2017 e-commerce sites on the OSHU Index saw average interactive load times drop by over 10 percent. However, data from Shoppimon also reveals that while speed optimization helped online stores, technical issues could have cost sites up to $11.8B.

While e-commerce has enjoyed significant growth over the past few years, new innovations have created even more opportunities across the ecosystem; new platforms like voice, new devices like smart speakers, and the continued dissolution of the border between online and offline shopping are driving growth in this sector. Consumer goods companies, brands, retailers and other advertisers need to ensure they have a full picture of consumer behavior, and especially which digital touchpoints influence and drive revenue growth. In our first report for 2018, we’re excited to share some of our latest research on consumer behavior, and especially how it relates to the path to purchase — i.e., what consumers are doing as they research, browse and purchase goods online.

Political polarization, voter tribalism and more fervent social movements like #grabyourwallet, #MeToo and #TimesUp have changed the face of brand engagement and consumer loyalty in all retail categories, according to new values and insights identified in the Brand Keys 23rd Annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index®.

Oracle + Bronto surveyed thousands of consumers in the U.S. to see how they use mobile technology to interact with retailers. This report details how browsing, product research, comparison shopping and buying have all been transformed by mobile technology. In our report, you’ll learn who’s buying via mobile, how having children in the household affects mobile shopping, and which customers are most likely to use their phones while shopping in-store.

Radial’s state of the industry report illustrates the dramatic growth in e-commerce fraud in 2017, and shares insight into the top theft trends retailers need to address this year. Data scientists from Radial’s fraud team analyzed data from hundreds of retail clients and billions of transactions to create this report. Key findings surround card-not-present fraud, digital gift cards, and cross-border e-commerce. E-commerce fraud is already becoming a lucrative business for tech-savvy criminals … and business is booming.

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