Augie MacCurrach

Augie MacCurrach

Augie MacCurrach is the CEO of Boston-based Customer Portfolios, a marketing technology leader that uses insight and analytics to increase customer value. You can follow Customer Portfolios at @CustPortfolios on Twitter.

Putting — and Keeping — Retail Customers in the Center, Part 1

The heat is on retailers to become customer-centric. Customers have higher expectations than ever before, and competitors that reliably meet those expectations seize a reliable edge. The key is to put the customer at the center with cohesive data and purpose, starting at the top.

When AdTech Meets MarTech, Part 2

As ad technology (AdTech) and marketing technology (MarTech) veer ever closer, retail marketers are picturing the merged data payoff it could represent – helping to build stronger, more profitable customer relationship, ones that customers appreciate more, too. But there are some key points to consider in order to pull this relationship off successfully. Here are three of those points, each centered around being smart with data.

When AdTech Meets MarTech, Part 1

Converge, consolidate, unite … call it what you want, but ad technology (AdTech) and marketing technology (MarTech) are on an irreversible (some might say collision) course to merge data as a source for tracking, anticipating and building customer relationships. However, just because it has to happen doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. There are…