Case Study: Trigger-Based Emails Help Grow its Revenues's homepage

PROBLEM:, an online retailer of women’s, men’s and kids’ shoes and apparel, wanted to capture lost sales from consumers who either abandoned items in a shopping cart or browsed the site without making a purchase.

SOLUTION: Hired an on-demand email marketing solutions provider to develop trigger-based email programs.

RESULTS: In the three-plus months since launched trigger-based cart- and browse-abandonment emails, the abandoned cart emails have seen an open rate increase of 400 percent, a 1,000-plus percent increase in clickthroughs, a 1,200 percent increase in conversion, and revenue per email is up over 1,000 percent compared to the brand’s average promotional emails. The browse campaign’s open rates are up 280 percent, the clickthrough rate is up 660 percent, conversion is up 250 percent and revenue per email is up 11 percent vs. a standard email promotion from

Rather than paying the high costs associated with acquiring new customers online, focused its attention on selling to consumers already familiar with its brand. In particular, it targeted consumers who opted in to its promotional email program.

While email was already a valuable component in’s marketing mix — about 25 percent of its overall business was being generated via the channel — the company felt the medium offered more opportunity. So it asked its email provider, Responsys, to develop trigger-based programs to reach consumers who’d abandoned items in a shopping cart or browsed the site’s product pages without making a purchase, in hopes of swaying them to reconsider a purchase.

Sent only to opted-in subscribers, the cart- and browse- abandonment emails are launched three days after the abandonment event with a headline that reads, “Forget Something?” An image of the highest priced abandoned product in the shopping cart or on a product page is featured with a link back to that product. To drum up cross-sells and upsells, the emails also contain dynamic product recommendations along the footer.

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