Top Article of the Week: 4 Ways Site Search Can Increase Conversions

This week’s top article of the week (as determined by readers’ clickthroughs) focuses on search, specifically the search options you offer consumers on your website. While shopping cart abandonment has become somewhat of a sexy topic in the retail industry, the more prevalent issue of site abandonment — consumers are unable to locate their desired product and quickly exit the site — is often overlooked.

Ofer Alt, CEO of Celebros, addresses the issue of site abandonment in his article by detailing four ways that an effective site search program can turn site visitors into paying customers. If you want to mitigate the risk of site abandonment and at the same time offer a more enjoyable shopping experience for your site visitors, make sure to check it out.

How is your company using search on its website? What practices have you found particularly effective at converting visitors into customers? What practices haven’t worked? Let us know your thoughts by going to Retail Online Integration’s Twitter page to comment. Make sure to use the hashtag #ROIMostClicked in your response. We look forward to hearing from you!

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