The Value of Integrating Live Chat Into Your E-Commerce Site

Congratulations. Your marketing dollars are paying off and you’re getting a high volume of traffic to your e-commerce site. That’s certainly no easy task in today’s internet retailing landscape.

However, we all know that driving traffic to an e-commerce site is only the first step. The bigger challenge is converting visitors into paying customers. This is where the concept of next generation customer service comes into play.

Although the customer service landscape has shifted over the past several years, the core tenet of keeping customers happy will never change. In the e-commerce sector, creating thoughtful online experiences for visitors will always increase conversion rates, attract repeat visits and generate long-term brand loyalty.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through live chat, which offers a simple, cost-effective way to humanize the user experience on your website. With the push of a keystroke, visitors have access to immediate assistance. Not only does this improve overall satisfaction levels, but it also allows businesses to see significant reductions in call-center overhead.

Prior to the advent of live chat applications, shoppers could either call or email for support. Email’s typically slow response time often causes shoppers to abandon a purchase and move onto a competitor’s website. However, with a live chat software solution, customer support staffs can more easily multitask and even handle more than one customer at a time. As a result, waiting queues drop to a fraction of their former time, and shoppers’ needs are addressed in near real time.

In addition, once a visitor is engaged via live chat, customer service representatives (CSRs) can easily make upsell recommendations based on the items in the shopper’s cart.

Although there are many effective features of live chat, there’s one often-overlooked strategy that has far-reaching benefits: proactive chat. Much like a sales representative in a brick-and-mortar store asking shoppers if they need help when they walk into the store, with proactive chat the same can be done in the e-commerce world.

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