The Monthly Retail Social Juice Index Spotlight:, Shari’s Berries, J&P Cycles

Media Logic’s Retail Social Juice Index (RSJI) has been measuring social engagement for hundreds of national retailers since November 2011. Data for this post was compiled with engagement scores throughout August 2012, and the brands featured spent more than half the month among the top 10 most engaging brands on the index. posts to its Facebook page according to an extremely predictable schedule: twice a day on weekdays and once a day on weekends. It also posts very consistent content: almost always a photo with a link to the product, a mention of a discount and a “Like this if” call to action (e.g., “Like this if you’d love to see this pendant around your neck”). Despite repeating this same approach,’s score on Media Logic’s RSJI is reliably high — triple-digit high. The brand seems to have found a sweet spot.

A closer look at’s Facebook posts, however, shows room for fine-tuning. Of its 10 most engaging posts in August, half included a saying or affirmation that evoked interaction, such as “Life is short. Buy the ring!” or “A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he was born and raised in the arms of queen.” Even though these posts accounted for 50 percent of the brand’s top posts for the month, these types of posts represented less than one-third of the brand’s overall posts. In other words, they outperformed the strictly product-centric posts. In addition, none of’s most engaging product-centric posts flew solo. Each was either accompanied by a tie-in to Pinterest (e.g., “our most pinned piece this week”) or paired with a discount, revealing that the addition of a hook added considerable appeal.

At first glance, Shari’s Berries’ Facebook posts appear to resemble those from photos that showcase products and/or feature sayings. However, Shari’s Berries varies its status considerably post to post, and the brand doesn’t link to product pages. It also posts far less frequently than, and the nature of the phrases used by the two brands is distinctly different.

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