The Monthly Retail Social Juice Index Spotlight: Bebe, Foot Locker and

A scroll through the Facebook Timelines of Bebe, Foot Locker and reveals a common trait: each anchors its content with repeating themes and formats.


Fashion retailer Bebe has over 3.1 million fans on Facebook and typically posts twice per day.


It’s not uncommon for the brand’s posts to attract 10,000 likes to 30,000 likes, top 1,000 shares and earn hundreds of comments. What makes Bebe unique on Facebook? It posts about its products all the time while maintaining high engagement scores on Media Logic’s Retail Social Juice Index (RSJI).


In fact, with few exceptions, all of the brand’s posts resemble catalog pitches and rarely stray from a very specific formula. The typical Bebe post uses the following formula:

  • opens with an attention grabber in all caps (e.g., “3 PERFECT VALENTINE’S DAY OUTFITS”);
  • follows with descriptive copy that pulls you into the product’s story (e.g., “Still searching for the perfect V-Day look? Whether you’re going on a hot date, a casual outing or a romantic getaway, we’ve got you covered from head to toe!”);
  • asks a question (e.g., “Which look are you wearing?”);
  • concludes with links for shopping (e.g., “Shop Valentine’s Day Looks”); and
  • presents a professionally shot photo or spread (in the case of its Jan. 28 post in this example, a single model showing off three very different outfits).

One of the only ways Bebe mixes it up on Facebook is by changing the product focus post to post. It jumps from shoes to little black dresses to accessories.

Like Bebe, Foot Locker has a large fan base (4.5 million) and posts a couple times per day, always relying on mainstay posts. However, instead of having a single formula, Foot Locker works with several themes at once.


Currently, the brand is achieving high engagement scores by repeating the following content series:

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