The Monthly Retail Social Index Spotlight:, Lancome, ThinkGeek and American Girl

The Retail Social Index Spotlight is a ROI Report column that features a monthly update from Media Logic’s Retail Social Juice Index, a daily ranking of social engagement scores for hundreds of national retailers. Media Logic distills data from Facebook and Twitter daily and turns it into a score which represents the effectiveness of a brand’s interactions with its fans and followers. This monthly column highlights specific Retail Social Juice Index scores for a given month, along with commentary about the findings. Data for this post was compiled with engagement scores through June 2012. spent less than one-third of June among the top 10 brands on Media Logic’s Retail Social Juice Index (RSJI), but what an incredible surge it saw. The brand’s engagement score for the month ranged from 29 to 493. During the first half of the month, averaged 46, which is comparable to the RSJI’s daily average. During the last half of the month its average jumped to 278.’s meteoric rise began June 18 with the following Facebook post and accompanying image: “You know your life has changed when … going to the grocery store by yourself is a vacation.” Fans echoed the accompanying status with comments like “So true” to the tune of 17,000 likes/comments and 3,345 shares. repeated the image-plus-parenting-quote strategy on June 23 with a post that received nearly 8,500 likes/comments and over 1,600 shares: a Someecards with the message, “That moment when you realize the kids have been in bed for over 30 minutes, and you have been watching Nick Jr. alone.”


In addition to featuring content that rallied fans, these posts were interesting for another reason: Both started in influencer communities; shared them on its own wall. The grocery store post originated on Plum District’s Facebook page, a mom community with more than 50,000 Facebook fans — a number representing more than half the brand’s own fan base. The Nick Jr. post originated on Red Tricycle’s Facebook page, a West Coast-based city guide for parents that has more than 30,000 fans.

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