Tips for Simplifying Your Mobile Site

When designing a mobile website for your business, you may want to consider closely adhering to the phrase “less is more.” Creating a mobile website for your retail store, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar storefront or e-commerce site, can be a great way to tap into the massive mobile market and help your business access many prospects via their mobile devices.

Though you may assume that providing a lot of information and large graphics will make your site more noticeable, and this may be true of a regular website, it’s the opposite with mobile sites. Since the screen on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is considerably smaller, it’s important that you adapt your website to be more accessible on small devices.

Text and Image Size
As a retailer, the images you present and descriptive text is of utmost importance. Although you may be tempted to include as much information as you can, you should be careful not to overwhelm consumers or clutter the screen on their phone. Information presented on a mobile device must be streamlined in a clear, simplified manner. Consider the following tips:

  • When a smartphone accesses a website that’s not mobile optimized, the website appears as a much smaller version of itself. Building a mobile-optimized site using larger-sized text will make your site easier to read on the small screen of a smartphone. Also take into account the amount of space larger text will fill up, so use shortened phrases and link lengthy descriptions to their own pages.
  • Setting the size of images to be used on a mobile site can be a tricky process. Images with too low of a dpi (dots per inch) will appear in low resolution and look pixelated. However, using large image sizes like those on desktop websites can take a long time to load.

Eliminate Flash, Java
If you’re looking to build a truly dynamic retail mobile site, you may want to approach it as you would your online site with Flash and Java. However, Apple’s mobile devices do not support Flash, Java, frames, pop-ups and other similar elements. Though Flash is now being used in mobile applications, sites accessed through a browser still cannot display any sort of animation with Flash.

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