Customer Retention: ShopRoxx Uses Email to Build Customer Loyalty

For ShopRoxx, an omnichannel fashion retailer for younger women, increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value with the brand is a key initiative for 2014. To help make this goal become reality, ShopRoxx is using email marketing. Specifically, the retailer is leveraging profile and behavioral data sets that enable it to send emails that feature highly relevant suggested products to its subscribers.

In addition to featuring suggested products in its emails, ShopRoxx is using list segmentation to send personalized emails to only its most engaged and loyal subscribers. Helping ShopRoxx to do all of this is eWayDirect, an email marketing services platform provider. The retailer is using eWayDirect’s Calibr email platform.

“Email is a key source of traffic and conversions for us,” noted Steven Shrem, president of ShopRoxx, in an eWayDirect press release. “We’re using eWayDirect’s rich data and streamlined email solutions to take our email initiatives to a new level. Email marketing will allow us to reach customers and prospects with a broader range of products that fit their unique needs. It’s this vehicle for suggesting products and hot trends that will keep them engaged and excited about the brand. The platform will help us to target messages effectively based on prior actions, and provide specific offers to our best customers.”

In addition to targeting its best and most loyal customers with personalized email offers, ShopRoxx has realized success going after website abandoners and lapsed subscribers. Re-engagement campaigns based on how site abandoners behaved on ShopRoxx’s website have generated, on average, between six times to 10 times more sales than its standard email campaigns.

“It’s about maximizing customer lifetime value by understanding how our customers interact with our merchandise,” said Shrem in the press release.

In an example of creating synergies within its organization, ShopRoxx is using email marketing to highlight products in its three New York City-based brick-and-mortar stores.

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    crappy customer service…. no refunds…. don’t reply to the emails so they are all pointless DO NOT ORDER FROM ROXX.COM