7 Solutions to Stop Losing Online Sales

If you’re wondering why you’re not converting more online visitors into customers, you have to ask yourself the following questions: Are your products easy to find on search engines? Is your content informative and concise? Are you tracking your website metrics to measure the effects of your advertising and site design? If the answer to any or all of these questions is no, then there’s no doubt that you’re missing out on sales that could be yours. Stop losing customers with these seven tips:

1. Your products + search engines = sales. Are consumers searching online for what you sell finding your competitors’ products instead? If your products aren’t returned as search results either naturally through feeds or via paid advertising, then your store might as well be invisible.

Get your products on search engines; most consumers find your site by searching for your products and services using online search engines. Submit your product catalog to comparison shopping sites by using shopping feeds. Increase your natural search results and relevance by optimizing your site for search engines.Consider a paid search engine marketing campaign.

2. Bounce back. As web analytics author Avinash Kaushik says when consumers visit sites with high bounce rates, “They came, they puked, they left.”

The average bounce rate for an e-commerce site is around 50 percent. If your site’s rate is higher, all the time and money you spent to bring shoppers in via search engines was for naught. Your website must have a beautiful, functional design and be full of useful, targeted content. Is your site functional in all browsers? Does it load fast or does it make visitors wait for a “cool” splash page that nobody but your web designer cares about? Think about how consumers arrive on your site and make sure that if they clicked through to see a specific product they land there and not on your homepage. Stop frustrating consumers and get your bounce rate under control.

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