Customer Acquisition: Rock/Creek Outfitters Generates Leads Via Twitter

Outdoor gear and apparel retailer Rock/Creek Outfitters used Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards in a Promoted Tweet campaign last year to capture the email addresses of people who entered a drawing to win a free pair of Chaco sandals.

The campaign realized a 4.6 percent engagement rate and generated over 1,700 new email contacts in less than one week.

Lead Generation Card was created by Twitter to help advertisers build their email lists within the social media site. In essence, they allow brands to ask their Twitter followers to sign up for special promotions by entering their email addresses.

The Rock/Creek campaign was launched toward the end of last summer and was exclusively promoted to Rock/Creek’s Twitter followers. The brand opted for a late summer test because that’s when Chacos are in high demand and Rock/Creek didn’t have the inventory to promote the product itself, said Mark McKnight, e-commerce and marketing director at Rock/Creek Outfitters. “We wanted to keep the brand in front of potential customers and get them on our contact list so we could market to them once new inventory came in. That’s why we decided to do this quick giveaway on Twitter.”

While McKnight couldn’t say definitively whether the promotion helped Rock/Creek acquire new customers, he did say it’s seen results that justified the investment. “We had an opportunity in the making because the market had more demand than supply, so getting these enthusiasts on our list prior to the new inventory shipments was a great move,” McKnight said.

In addition, McKnight was thrilled with the cost per new email address that the campaign yielded. “Because we’re able to precisely target interests and @usernames, we know these people are highly likely to be interested in our products,” he said. Following the success of the Chaco campaign, Rock/Creek did a few more Lead Generation Card/Promoted Tweet campaigns.

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