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How to Do Mobile Marketing Right in 2013
Mobile marketing starts with the end in mind first. Looking through your company’s ad calendar for the year will give insight into where you should head with your mobile marketing plans for 2013. To date, most companies haven’t been able to successfully execute the ability to include mobile into their standard marketing plans — e.g., signage, print (flyers, circulars, magazine ads, mailers, direct mail, etc.), media, PR, etc. Every aspect of marketing can have a digital asset that drives consumers to purchase more quickly.

There are quite a few aspects of mobile marketing that should be considered, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, to name a few), apps, mobile websites, landing pages and mobile ads, along with the push/pull mechanisms that drive traffic — e.g., SMS, QR codes, email, NFC and others.

Starting with the end in mind first, complete in full your mobile app/web strategy in order to have a complete digital asset to drive consumers to an action for return on investment purposes. Once this is in place, then identify each of the items on the ad calendar to ensure there’s an action to mobile included.

For example, run a new product campaign using signage. On the signage include a QR code or text to action that takes consumers to a specific mobile landing page that directs them to an action — e.g., make a purchase, drive social interaction, scan a coupon for use in-store. Allow the signage to become a live engagement vs. just a message that foot traffic would walk by and forget.

Always remember that behind every good strategy with a push/pull mechanism there’s a content management strategy that needs to be embedded into the workflow. If you were to just launch a complete campaign of QR codes, text messages, emails or used NFC to gain traffic without a workflow to manage the content that’s being delivered, it’s really the same as taking a carton of flyers and dumping them out of a plane in the hope they hit the right target. A well-thought-out game plan with a workflow strategy will ensure success across mobile marketing.

Last but not least, ensure that your analytics team is carefully tracking campaigns in order to successfully engage the data and deliver the proper message to each individual consumer. The data will be there with a well-thought-out campaign and can be an extremely powerful tool for A/B testing and strategy movement going forward.

Mobile marketing is here to stay; get your strategy in place now so you aren’t behind the curve in the future. — Marci Troutman is the founder and CEO of SiteMinis, a mobile software solutions provider. Marci can be reached at

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