Prospecting: Finds New Customers and Sales With Paid Search, an online retailer of health supplements, has realized a 30 percent increase in sales and a $30,000 reduction in ad spend since implementing a search program that focuses on in-stock inventory. used the Inventory Driven Search feature of Channel Advsior’s Paid Search solution to net these impressive results. Inventory Driven Search automatically pauses and activates search ads for products as they come in and out of stock. It also automatically creates new ads and keywords for new products as they become available, as well as automatically updating product URLs as they change.

If is offering promotional pricing on a select group of products, for example, Inventory Driven Search automatically updates the search ads for those products with the new sale pricing. If a product goes out of stock at some point during the sale, Inventory Driven Search immediately takes the ad down. Finally, once the sale is over, Inventory Driven Search reverts the product ads back to their normal prices.

Prior to working with Channel Advisor, optimizing for inventory was particularly challenging for because many of its products are the same, only differing in quantities per bottle (e.g., 30 capsules vs. 60 capsules). So when a product of 30 capsules was out of stock, each varying quantity of this product would have to be manually checked before pausing keywords. Inventory Driven Search, however, automates this process for every inventory item, simplifying campaign management when new inventory arrives or sells out.

“Inventory Driven Search is our biggest nonbrand campaign,” says Jose Prendes, founder and CEO of “It’s providing a big revenue boost while streamlining our processes and creating major management efficiencies.”