Using Personally Relevant Video to Drive Engagement

The past year was a significant one in the evolution of online video. In 2012, we saw millions of Olympics fans tune in online to watch real-time competition. We saw the first truly digital election, with more than 55 percent of registered voters watching political videos online during the presidential campaign season. Perhaps most interesting for online brands, we saw the power of personalization boost viewer engagement. The trends in personally relevant video were among the most interesting findings in SundaySky’s State of Online Video Report, and are among the most important when it comes to predicting trends for this year.

Based on collective research from industry leaders and experts, as well as SundaySky’s own trend data and perspective, the State of Online Video Report found that 2012 was a watershed year for online video. Consider the following:

  • 182 million total viewers;
  • 456.6 million content videos consumed; and
  • 105.4 billion video ads viewed.

These numbers represent all-time highs, but the most compelling data comes in the realm of personally relevant video. The typical one-to-many product video has a 50 percent completion rate. However, when these short-form videos contain content that is personally relevant to the viewer, users will spend more than twice as much time watching.

Taking the Power of Online Video to the Next Level
The distinct power of personalization is becoming apparent as video content itself becomes more widely adopted and expected. Marketers know that a video increases the likelihood a recipient will open an email, for example. While the average email open rate for a text-based promotion is between 11 percent and 22 percent, it rises to 30 percent for marketers who add “video” to the subject line. Data from SundaySky shows that when video is personally relevant to the recipient — e.g., detailed information related to billing or account status — the open rates jump as high as 60 percent. The click-to-play rate for these personalized videos is anywhere from 80 percent to a staggering 99 percent.

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