How the Cloud is Helping Retail Marketers

You’re at the office, it’s 6 p.m. on Friday night and your direct marketing team is scrambling to find an image before a 7 p.m. print deadline. On top of this, your online team has a midnight deadline and they’re frantically searching all the disks and drives in your office trying to find a video that your advertising team created two years ago. Then your PR team calls to see if you know where the latest headshots of the executive team are. Wouldn’t it be nice if all your media assets were located and organized in one central place where all your teams could easily access them?

The traditional digital management industry has been providing solutions to the retail marketing industry for years, but those solutions have been too expensive for most and quite limiting in nature for many. Over the last 12 months, however, the cloud has created an entirely new digital asset management solution, one that:

  • dramatically reduces the cost of using a digital asset management system by completely eliminating the need to purchase and maintain the necessary software and IT infrastructure;
  • enables users to access their assets from any computer or browser, no matter whether they are;
  • effortlessly scales to meet the needs of any size business in any industry, with any amount of assets and users; and
  • automatically indexes, versions and backs up every file to ensure it’s never accidently deleted, overwritten or misplaced.

4 Things Cloud Computing Can Do for Retail Marketers
1. Increase productivity. Files can always be quickly found, reformatted and resized as needed for print, online and mobile marketing campaigns.

2. Maintain brand consistency. Storing all your digital assets in one central location and giving your teams access ensures everyone will always use the latest “approved” version of each asset.

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