Last-Minute Tips to Drive Holiday Sales

Retailers are making every effort to stand out to consumers this hectic holiday season. The focus is on the most competitive and profitable days of the year; Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now behind us, but they represent only the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Here are some tips for retailers to get those last-minute sales this holiday season:

In the economy’s current state, consumers are struggling to find the best deals possible. In order to drive traffic to both online and brick-and-mortar locations, consumers seek coupons as a foolproof way to get the item they want at a discount. Additionally, consumers love coupons because they’re simple to find and use, easily communicated, and offer a variety of discounts (e.g., percentage discounts, buy one get one, rebates, etc.).

Retailers and third-party developers are now creating mobile apps for an uncomplicated shopping experience. Fifty percent of mobile users search their devices for retail information. Needless to say, apps are a new and engaging way for retailers to communicate with their customers. Apps that are interactive tend to be the most useful, with the ability to pay instantly being one of the best and most efficient functions. Some applications that have been successful in the past include:

  • ShopSaavy: This app allows one to scan a barcode of an item and see the price of that same item at other retail brands. Once consumers find a satisfactory price, they can also purchase items via the app.
  • RedLaser: Similar to ShopSaavy, this app gives consumers items on sale that are related to the one they’ve scanned. If consumers wish to locate these items, the app offers a map that shows them the way.
  • If consumers are up for giving bidding a try, Myibidder Sniper for eBay is an app that actively lets users bid on multiple items at a time. Users receive push notifications when someone else has increased their bid.

Customer Service
In order to avoid a poor customer service reputation, retailers have provided other innovative outlets to satisfy consumer product questions and needs. Social media has been incredibly helpful for companies to manage feedback as well as maintain a reliable customer feedback tool. Social media has become a simpler method of communicating, and retailers have appreciated the honest feedback. Twitter and Facebook serve as interactive tools, providing immediate customer feedback.

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