4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Social Media This Holiday Season

As we head into the holidays, most brands already have their marketing plans in place. Undoubtedly they’re making room for in-store and mobile promotions, but what about social media? While some marketers might be scratching their heads wondering whether social media is really worth it, let me make it clear: social media matters.

As a fellow marketer, I can understand why many of my peers are skeptical about social media. As of yet, the channel hasn’t been a megastar when it comes to online sales. Right now social media only drives 2 percent of online sales and 1 percent of total traffic. Those are pretty dismal numbers. If we look at social media from an online sales perspective, then yes, it’s doomed to fail. The truth is, however, social media isn’t about driving traffic, it’s about amplifying your brand message, leveraging the network effect to extend your reach, and leveraging the implicit endorsement of your customers and brand ambassadors who are talking about your brand.

So, how do you make the most of social media this holiday season? Here are four tips to help you out:

1. Make it easy. Don’t make your customers work to tell people about your brand; make it easy by embedding social sharing links in places that make sense (e.g., purchase confirmation pages, emails, etc.). Integrate social sharing links where customers are most likely to come across them in the brand experience. If your customers are scouring Pinterest boards, make sure you have high-quality images that have been optimized for sharing. If your customers are partial to Facebook, have a presence there. It’s as simple as making sure you’re where your customers are.

2. Incent and reward. Don’t just encourage your customers to “like,” “pin” and share good news about your brand. Incent them to do so and reward them when they do. A travel company might incent consumers by offering additional loyalty reward points. For example, for every friend a customer gets to sign up for a particular promotion, that customer receives X loyalty points to be used at a later date. Some companies are also starting to experiment with “badges” similar to foursquare to reward customers who do things the brand wants them to.

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