Question of the Week: Are You Offering Free Shipping This Holiday Season?

According to a recent article in eCommerceBytes, online merchants are increasingly feeling the pressure to offer free shipping. But will they, given the fact that last week the U.S. Postal Service announced it would raise postage rates on Jan. 27, 2013, pending review by the Postal Regulatory Commission. The popular Priority Mail service will increase overall an average of 6.3 percent. Retail prices will increase an average of 9 percent, but approximately 3 percent of the increase is for free tracking visibility which will now be included at no charge.

Will you be offering free shipping this season, despite the increases? And if so, how will you be able to turn a profit? Let us know by going to Retail Online Integration’s Facebook page to comment. We’d love to get a conversation going on this topic. Thanks!

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