3 Ways to Capture More Holiday Sales

Consumers nowadays are far more proactive than ever before. Many prepare for holiday shopping before Halloween festivities even begin. Not only are they prepared, they’re ultra savvy in trying to find the best price possible. According to Shop.org’s eHoliday survey, 61.6 percent of online retailers began their holiday marketing programs before Halloween, up from 52.9 percent who did so last year.

Whether consumers shop via websites, social media pages, mobile apps, brick-and-mortar stores, etc., it’s important for retailers to understand their purchasing behavior. Adding to cart as opposed to abandoning the shopping cart is, of course, the ultimate goal. Here are three ways retailers can capture consumers’ holiday purchases:

1. Enticements: Shopping is a visual experience. It’s a moment where you picture yourself in that perfect outfit. Is there a color scheme in mind? What retailer is offering the best deal? Once that visual is complete, the next step is finding the perfect deal.

In order to remain visible, retailers are offering free shipping, promotions, coupons and other incentives to further attract holiday shoppers. Most consumers will be more prone to buy a particular product if it comes with free shipping. Today’s consumers aren’t only savvy, they’re also thorough in their search. There might be thousands of searches done online, but only a lucky few products are chosen. Those chosen products will hopefully have dynamic imagery and an interactive experience that results in “add to cart.” Product imagery must be a “grab right away” deal — i.e., a strong enough emotional connection to where the consumer will revisit the retailer’s site.

2. Digital delight: With the unveiling of the new iPad Mini and iPhone 5, the holiday shopper has even more ways to shop online. Do shoppers use a mobile device or tablet to access your site?

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