Wal-Mart Accused Again of Gift Receipt Scam

Sure, go ahead and regift that present your friend bought for you at Wal-Mart, but whatever you do, don’t return it. The world’s largest retailer is apparently slacking off on giving full refunds to customers with gift receipts, at least according to a recent report by CBS Boston. When a producer from the network attempted to return a TV originally purchased for $248 using a gift receipt, she was only able to get back $228 — the unit’s new on-sale price.

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  • dlripley

    When you return a item any time of the year and you don’ t have a "receipt" you get the sale price if it has ever been on sale. Every store does this. Get real people, if you don’t like Wal Mart don’t shop there.

  • Al Cannistra

    Walmart is doing the right thing (this time) – if a customer has a receipt, they get the full price – if not, the sale price. If not that way, some folks would be scamming and the rest of us would be paying for it in higher prices. YEAH WALMART!