USPS Addresses Online Seller Concerns Over 5-Day Delivery

As it faces a worsening financial situation and frustration with Congress mounts for failing to enact cost-cutting reform measures, the U.S. Postal Service announced on Wednesday that it will seek to phase out six-day delivery service later this year. However, of critical importance to online sellers, the agency said that it will continue to deliver packages on Saturdays, even as residential and business delivery of regular mail on that day would end in early August.

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  • geodrum

    If the post office was REALLY serious about accommodating customers, and REALLY had to make a serious change like this, then maybe they should consider closing some other day of the week, rather than Saturday.
    It would seem less disruptive to the flow of mail, to close on a Weds or Thurs, and also therefore allowing access by the working class (who would normally be at work during bankers hours of Mon-Friday).

    I have talked to many of the "front line workers" at the post offices that I visit, who do not know what is going on from day to day, can not explain new scheduling developments, and it seems to be a real shame what (middle) management is doing to this organization.

    US bailed out bankers and the auto industry, so is not the mail delivery service, even with reduced activity, a vital part of what has made this countries’ economy and society great? Although there has been some overhaul of the postal system, there must be more done to make this organization more user/customer driven, and it should not be run like a military organization chart.