They’re Back: J.C. Penney Adds Sales

The struggling department store chain this week will begin adding back some of the hundreds of sales it ditched last year in hopes of luring shoppers who were turned off when the discounts disappeared, CEO Ron Johnson told The Associated Press. Penney also plans to add price tags or signs for more than half of its merchandise to show consumers how much they’re saving by shopping at the chain — a strategy used by a few other retailers. For store-branded items such as Arizona, Penney will show comparison prices from competitors.

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  • joshwi1984

    I was never a JC Penney’s customer until I visited my parents over the holidays.
    Their stores are very nice looking and the clothes (men’s – I don’t do drag) are of nice quality and priced well, especially their sale items. I’ve seen designers such as Joseph Abboud in their stores, so it seems like they’re trying to do something to attract more customers.
    Since then, Penney’s has made my list of stores to frequent when looking for clothes/merchandise.

  • Tim Odom

    This will do little to stem the tide for Penneys. They have alienated their customer base on many levels. Penneys failed to recognize that many of its shoppers had "All -American" values and associated them with Penneys. When the company began its revamp it did more than change its price structure, it changed its identity and association with millions of shoppers. That may be much harder to rebuild than its pricing model.