Penney’s Pinching Vendors on Pricing

Fake prices are coming back at J.C. Penney, and this time they’ll be more fake than ever. In a fresh bid to highlight Penney’s prices as low, CEO Ron Johnson is pushing some manufacturers to concoct phony suggested retail markups for their clothing, sources told The Post. The plan, insiders say, includes erecting signs and fixtures that will display the sometimes made-up retail prices, while tagging the clothes and accessories themselves with Penney’s own lower prices.

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  • Marty Kenney

    What the attorney general in the various states should require is for the store to have the goods on display at the regular price for a minimum sales period each month. Only THEN can they call it a regular price. If they are asking their suppliers to come up with suggested retails, then that is misleading. The only regular price is what the retailer has sold it for. If the store marks it down for a limited period, then it is truly a "sale," and the customer will know exactly how much he or she is saving. The way it was described in the article is fraudulent and dishonest.