In Retail Marketing It’s Never Easy To Say Good Buy

Profit is no longer solely defined by products, services, warranties or credit card interest gains. Today, profit pools are inclusive to downloads of apps, widgets, movies, music, games, etc. Digitalization, miniaturization, cloud access and wireless mobility are driving dramatic and dynamic change in profit opportunities. Intensive predatory competition is also leading to dangerous commoditization of our consumer electronics market place, pressurizing margins, destroying slow moving products, morphing market dreams into painful market risk. The entire CE industry stands at a technology crossroads.

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  • Jack Z

    Really enjoyed and learned from these words. Manufacturers and merchants need to work closer through the many changes in the consumer and retiler relationships. Manufacturers are as worried about driving traffic to retailers as retailers are. The ten points are excellent bit need to be more closely knit from a money making proposition between manufacturer and retailer.